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Facebook provides a platform for misogynists, racists and bullies. The multi-billion dollar website allows seriously ill children to be victimized and it’s so-called policies on abuse and bullying may as well not exist. A couple of days ago a petition … Continue reading

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Merida Does Not Wear Make-Up

This is really not what Brave’s Princess Merida is about.  I reviewed Pixar’s Brave for a feminist website recently and mentioned some dreadful merchandise I’d seen in the Disney store. Then this morning I saw this comic. I expect it from some … Continue reading

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Justice for the 96

I remember Hillsborough. We had the telly on in our front room, couldn’t believe what we were seeing. I come from a family of mixed Liverpool and Everton supporters, though thankfully none of us had gone to the match that … Continue reading

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Out There

Out – Natsuo Kirino – Book Review  Out is a literary crime novel by Natsuo Kirino. It was first published in Japan in the late nineties and the English translation by Stephen Snyder came out in 2003. I found my copy … Continue reading

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Brave just enough

Brave just enough

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Drip Drip Drip go the Gender Stereotypes

Looking for a money box for a child recently I stumbled upon these hideous examples in the local market. Just another example of the constant drip drip drip of gender stereotyping on the brains of our children. Active noisy tractors … Continue reading

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The Misogyny of Celebrity Big Brother

The current series of Celebrity Big Brother has made good viewing so far, although it is, as always, riddled with sexism. Regular viewers will know that female housemates tend to be the shows most hated figures and this year Jasmine Lennard, Danica … Continue reading

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