Drip Drip Drip go the Gender Stereotypes

Looking for a money box for a child recently I stumbled upon these hideous examples in the local market. Just another example of the constant drip drip drip of gender stereotyping on the brains of our children. Active noisy tractors for little boys, pretty cupcakes and sexy stilettos, yes,stilettos for little girls.


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5 Responses to Drip Drip Drip go the Gender Stereotypes

  1. Oh dear. It’s the stilettos I’m against more than the cup cakes. I also hate the crop tops and special make-up and perfume ranges aimed at little girls. Why can’t we let them enjoy being children without them constantly thinking about what they look like or trying to be ‘sexy’?
    In the ‘olden’ days we did used to dress up in our mothers’ clothes and shoes but I think that was different to having these sorts of products directly marketed at young children.

    • tricialo says:

      I know, it’s actually difficult to even buy practical footwear for little girls these days, I’ve written about it before. We bought our daughter’s last pair from an outdoor shop.

  2. Leopard says:

    Very depressing! Some little girls actually wear heels regularly as well, which is so bad for their growth.

  3. tricialo says:

    I was in a shoe shop just yesterday while a mum got out all the shoes with heels for her little girl as this was what the girl wanted, for school. My daughter was watching and taking it all in.

    Lucy Mangan did a good column in the Guardian recently; apparently she wears a childs size 13 shoe but it’s only recently that she’s been able to buy high heels in adult styles because these are now on the market for children, it’s here http://goo.gl/3PkeP.

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