Merida Does Not Wear Make-Up

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This is really not what Brave’s Princess Merida is about.  I reviewed Pixar’s Brave for a feminist website recently and mentioned some dreadful merchandise I’d seen in the Disney store. Then this morning I saw this comic. I expect it from some of the other mags but can’t there be a comic aimed at little girls that doesn’t have make-up and jewellery on the cover?  Merida is not about looking good. She’s about freedom, riding her horse and shooting bows and arrows, not nail varnish and lip gloss. Make-up is being pushed onto little girls more and more. I seem to be in a minority that views all this as brainwashing, but look at some of the other mags aimed at girls –  Princess, Barbie, Sparkle…. no wonder little girls are worrying about how they look at a younger and younger age. Eating disorders, plastic surgery…. it’s all part of the same process… pinkification, sexualisation, pornification. There’s money to be made from pushing make-up and self loathing onto little girls. I wish parents would stop buying this crap.


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