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Girls, Boys and Films

My daughter’s school has a weekly after school film club. In fact they have two; one for older children, one for younger. I try to keep an eye on my daughter’s media intake, I don’t let her have too much … Continue reading

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The End of Men, or maybe not.

“Men have been the dominant sex since, well, the dawn of mankind.” This sentence is on the cover of Hanna Rosin’s ‘The End of Men’. It’s somewhat ironic considering the second part of the book’s title is, ‘and the rise of … Continue reading

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Why the Netmums ‘Death of Feminism’ Study is Utter Bollocks

Yesterday Twitter alerted me to the death of feminism. Several newspapers were running a story based on ‘research’ which seemed to show depressing news for feminists. The truth of course, was somewhat different.   The reports were based on a survey … Continue reading

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Savile, The BBC and ‘Groping’

The Jimmy Savile allegations are filling plenty of newspaper space at the minute. Many people have commented on the fact that his ‘predilection for young girls’, (why do people always use this phrase when discussing the rape of children?), was an … Continue reading

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The Gender of Monsters

My little girl doesn’t think monsters can be female. We play a game on the walk to school sometimes in which cars are monsters and the pavement is a magic path that makes us invisible to them. Revving engines are … Continue reading

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