Another Nail in the NHS Coffin

NHS Campaign Billboard

A friend is an experienced NHS nurse in Merseyside. She says that over the last couple of months her hospital has brought in a lot of agency nurses. They work on the ward alongside NHS staff, but do less actual work – they aren’t allowed to administer medicines. The agency staff are paid a lot more than NHS nurses too – £38 per hour. This has resulted in NHS staff leaving the hospital to sign up with the private agency in question, (Thornbury Nursing Services), they then come back to work, often on the same ward, and do less work for more money. Who can blame them? My friend believes this is tied in with government plans to privatise the NHS. I think it’s a shocking state of affairs, but there is so much going on in the NHS it’s probably something not many people are aware of. It’s just another example of how the National Health Service is being systematically destroyed by The Coalition.

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