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 This is part of a blog hop started over at Salt and Caramel. It’s about discovering new blogs and to be part of it I need to follow the rules and answer: “who you are, why you started blogging, which post you are most pleased or proud of, which post had the most response (and were you surprised by this), which blogs do you like reading”.


A few facts about me: I’m Tricia, from Liverpool but live in the North East. I’m in my forties and have a young daughter. I also have a first class honours degree, am a qualified community worker and leftie feminist. My feminism was reignited upon the birth of my daughter. Like most parents I want the best for my child and that includes not having her life choices dictated by a misogynist society.

I started blogging because: I enjoy writing; I wanted to bring some of my reviews together on one site, it’s a way of networking, somewhere to express my opinion and to engage with the opinions of others, and I’d like to think I could make it into a useful resource, for other feminist parents, at some point, when I get my act together and sort it out properly.

I’m not sure which post I’m most proud of. A lot of my early pieces were reposts of work from other sites, it’s only in the last couple of months that I’ve actually started expressing more personal opinions. I worked more on the book reviews than the more recent opinion posts, so I think they tend to be better writing and I am reasonably proud of some of them such as; this, this, and this.

The blog post that’s had the most response was the one about about the Netmums survey on feminism. It was just ridiculous and a lot of people were tweeting or blogging about it, my post was one of those that got picked up and tweeted or linked to quite a bit. I was pleased that it chimed with so many people and added to the general furore. Close behind it was The Gender of Monsters which was picked up and facebooked by a couple of bloggers I like. It felt good to be noticed, but I’d really sooner that a post about how my daughter is affected by gender stereotypes didn’t have to be written.

I follow quite a few blogs although it’s hard to find the time to read as many as I’d like. I visit Feministe on a Sunday and read the ‘shameless self-promotion’ thread, there are always a few interesting reads in there and I also check out anything that looks interesting on the Mumsnet bloggers forum.

This is a blog hop, to join in or take a look at the other bloggers doing it, go to this page, soon. WordPress won’t accept javascript so I can’t do the linkything.

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