Let toys be toys

I mentioned this campaign in my ‘Where are the Girls in Rockets?’ post and said I’d write more about it, but as Maya has explained more about it here I thought it best to reblog rather than reproduce. (Plus it saves time :)). Maya was on BBC Breakfast this morning to talk about the campaign, (she was on at 7.40 – in case anyone wants to catch it on iplayer).

Hiya Maya

I will be on BBC Breakfast Time tomorrow morning as spokeswoman (at least for the day) for an insta-campaign called Let Toys Be Toys.

It started on a parenting website that I spend too much time on, where a group of mothers were talking about the division of toy shops, and the toy departments of supermarkets and department stores into sections.

On one side you have construction toys like Lego and Knex, adventure games, cars, chemistry sets and superheroes, on the other side baby dolls, play kitchens, make-up sets, princesses and crafts. Sometimes there are signs spelling out that this arrangement is meant to keep the ‘boys toys’  and  ‘girls toys’ apart. If not,  pink and blue colour coding usualy makes it clear even to pre-reading children.
You can read more about the campaign on our facebook page, and sign the petition here. It is one of those

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